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 say that this is a conspiracy, even like meteorologist. Do you know how many meteorologists? They’ve laughed at me when I ask them.
Especially if I call it geoengineering, they give me a little bit more respect. But if I ask them about chemtrails, and I used the word “chemtrail,” they kind of just laugh at my face. It’s like will we ever see the tide turn or admittance of this? Or do you think it’s going to be just a continuous cover-up?
Dr. Klinghardt: Yeah. I mean, first of all, there’s been a huge amount of money spent in the line of
fake news to indoctrinate anyone peripherally involved with weather or air quality. People have been shamed for actually reporting on it. People have lost their jobs.
And so in the more intelligent community, there is a fear about talking about it. And in the less educated part of the community, they have given in to the ridicule and the shaming techniques that have been used to silence them. So this is an old technique, the same technique that Adolf Hitler used
to use to squash the Resistance. The same technique’s been used in all dictatorial countries. It’s just a surprise that it’s used in the US as well.
Evan: Wow. Now, let me ask you
a good question that I’ve had in
my mind. And I’ve thought, Dr. Klinghardt’s probably the only guy I could ask this and get a pretty good answer from. So I just moved, like I told you, out of the city into a pretty rural area. Since I’m out of the city, they reroute the planes at night time.
So UPS, one of the big major hubs, is in Kentucky. So from 10 p.m. to
7 a.m., every night, they reroute
all the planes away from the city and right over my house. And they have been pretty low, like 8,000 feet elevation. So if I’ve got an organic
garden, at an 8,000 feet elevation, if there’s maybe 20—now, they’re not spraying. They’re just UPS planes coming in to land. Is that something to be concerned about where I would want to try to cover up the garden at night time to protect? Or do you think at 8,000 feet elevation, the dispersal would be pretty wide?
Dr. Klinghardt: I think you’re probably safe. In fact, if they’re right over you, you’re safe. Because there’s always some wind, going this way or that way, moving the fallout somewhere else.
But you have to know that the airplane fuel used called Jet 1
is leaded. It’s fully leaded. And
so, even if there’s no chemtrails spraying going on, no persistent chemtrails, you’ll still get the lead and the benzene residues, which could settle on your fields. And lead pretty much goes straight down because it’s not a light metal. It doesn’t float. So I would dare to
say that, probably, your field has a good amount of lead. A little of lead may be okay. But there’s a certain threshold in which eventually have the soil tested, grass tested that grows.
Whatever grows, have it tested. If you have pine trees, pine trees are great. They concentrate the toxins that are in the soil in the needles. And so, that’s an easier one to test. You just send the needles.
Evan: Yeah. I just planted some. So, maybe, if I can find some established pine trees, I could test those better. That’s a good idea,
I wanted to ask you, and I know it depends. And you’re continually evolving your medicine. But what are the biggest pie pieces of someone’s health protocol? Like when a patient comes in to see you, obviously, we’re addressing the Wi-Fi. We’re addressing the EMF components. What are the other big pieces? Like do you still
focus so much on the Lyme, the other bacteria, the parasites, the Candida? Or is that becoming a less big part of the health puzzle than the wireless piece?
Dr. Klinghardt: To start with, it’s always the environment that the patient lives in. So it’s toxins in the home, the paint, the plastics, outgassing of carpets, the mold in the homes.
Thanks to Ritchie Shoemaker, there is a huge number of the population are being mold educated. And then, of course, there is the interpersonal environment. People, like the relationship life that people have. There are allergies. If you have
a cat and you’re allergic to cats, there’s nothing we can do for you. There’s the food. There’s the diet. Are the people eating food that’s compatible with their system. So we’re looking at that. It has to come first.
But then, with the increasingly
sick population, some statistics show that in the last 20 years, the health span decreased by 20 years. The health span is the number of years that we have before we get chronically ill. And in the last 20 years, that lessened by 20 years. And it’s increasingly shortening.
So in a few years, the health span is going to be, maybe, five or six years. So it means, by the time we’re five or six years old and we go to school, you’re chronically
ill. That’s sort of where we’re very rapidly heading.
So the big things for us in the office are pretty straightforward. We look at the toxin accumulation in the person. Aluminum, definitely, is number one.
Everybody is aluminum toxic.
And to get that reduced in the system is probably the single most important urgent issue. The other one is glyphosate and atrazine. The

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