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 know that glyphosate and the food chain are big factors also to drive the pathogenicity of these box. But the big one is the Wi-Fi.
Evan: That’s great. With the glyphosate, I got my levels tested through Great Plains. I did their GPL-TOX panel too and looked
at the gasoline additives like the methylbenzene or ethylbenzene. It was the MTBE and ETBE, the things they add into the gasoline when they remove lead. It’s like, “Oh, gas is unleaded.” And it’s like, “Well, they added something equally toxic to it.” So my levels were off the charts. So what I started doing was doing infrared sauna.
But here’s something that’s crazy. And I want to try to get your take on this, figure out what I’m doing wrong or what I can improve
upon is, when I get in the infrared sauna—I talked with Dr. Mercola about it—he said, “Don’t go too
hot. Go like 120 degrees infrared, far infrared.” And I did 20 minutes at 120 degrees. I did some electrolytes. I did some adrenal adaptogenic herbs, things like that, some liver support. But when I got out, my heart is racing for 12 hours and I can’t sleep. What can be going on there?
Dr. Klinghardt: Well, you’re definitely mobilizing something that’s not good for you. But the only way out is the way through. So I would load you up with chlorella from BioPure before you go into the sauna. Well, it takes you a couple of hours for the gut to [inaudible] balance. So for a few days, you should high dose
of chlorella. And then go into the sauna. And then it should be a very different experience.
Evan: I think it was Ann Louise Gittleman, told me, “Your chlorella is like a test tube chlorella, which you want.” Because she said, “You should not trust chlorella from
basically any source now.” Is that right?
Dr. Klinghardt: Yeah. There is grade 1, 2, 3 and 4; 4 is the worst and 1 is the best. And there are only one or two products in the market of grade 1. And so, that’s what I use. BioPure has that.
Evan: That’s amazing. What
other products in your BioPure line should I or the listeners be considering if they’re on this journey of working on metals and yeast and fungus, parasites? What other things would you say are foundational?
Dr. Klinghardt: Well, for extracting glyphosate out of the microbiome in the gut, it’s a peat extract
that’s called matrix minerals. And that’s been shown in research
that actually extracts, from your microbes in the gut, it extracts
the glyphosate from them so they become functional again. Because glyphosate destroys the shikimate pathway. It’s a biochemical chain of events that the microbes have. And glyphosate totally destroys that.
And so, it was almost saying, well, we don’t have that pathway and, therefore, glyphosate is safe for us. But it turns out that the microbes in our gut are the most important single ingredient of our immune system. And by destroying that,
we see what the messes that we have created. And so, the matrix minerals extract that from the microbes in the gut.
Some people don’t tolerate chlorella. And then, we give them Ecklonia cava. Ecklonia cava is a brown algae from the ocean that has similar toxin-binding capacity as chlorella does.
Evan: How would you know if you don’t tolerate chlorella? Would that be like headaches or heart palpitations or what would you
Dr. Klinghardt: No, most people complain, when they don’t tolerate, of constipation.
Evan: Okay. So that would be it.
If you got constipation, you could think, “Okay, chlorella is not for me.” Or could you maybe add in some magnesium or something to help flush the bowels?
Dr. Klinghardt: Yeah. Most
likely, the constipation is caused by something that the chlorella actually mobilizes. And so, rather than stopping, to then actually increase the dose of chlorella and combining it with things that keep the bowel movement forward, which is different for everybody.
Magnesium is always safe, magnesium oxide. But there are so many other ways that will make the bowel move. And so, we always try that first. And only if that fails, then we go to Ecklonia Cava.
Evan: What product is that one called? It’s just called, the Ecklonia Cava? I see. Is it the PC version? It says, PC Ecklonia Cava.
Dr. Klinghardt: Yeah.
Evan: Okay. How would I decide? Like let’s say that I want to get back to the sauna. Like I said, I did it out, basically, 1 p.m. in the afternoon. And at 1 a.m., I’m laying on the couch, and my heart’s still racing like, “Oh, my gosh, am I ever going to sleep tonight?” Does chlorella, across the board, pull out many of the things that I could be releasing? Or should I be looking at something like your cilantro or the Metal Sweep products? Like how would I decide or build a full—
Dr. Klinghardt: No. I think our experience is that chlorella covers it all. You just have to take enough of it. Sometimes, people that has to move to really deep-seated toxic

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