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  and everybody becomes a mass murderer, then you won’t be safe either. The damage will come to you in other ways or your own children. When there’s a school shooting where the children go to school, you won’t be able to protect them there if the rest of the world is going nuts. And so that’s sort of pretty much what we’re up against, sort of there will not be a safe world surrounding you. You can create your island for a while. But that won’t protect you, ultimately.
Evan: Agreed, agreed. So what about the mental health aspect? I mean I know that we talk so much about autoimmune disease. You talked so much about autoimmune disease. With these retroviruses and other things we’re up against, are we going to see changes in mental health too, like anxiety, depression? You’re mentioning like murders. Are we going to notice more rage? Or what are we going to see do you think?
Dr. Klinghardt: Yeah. Well, the leading number one diagnosis
in the US right now is chronic anxiety. And that is clearly linked
to what we’re talking about. Yes, glyphosate is involved. Some toxins are involved. But the main one, the main driver of anxiety is the Wi-Fi environment.
How do we know that? Well, when we have people shut it off and protect the home, it takes usually six to eight weeks and the anxiety is gone. It’s a much more attractive therapy than putting people on valium-like compounds.
Evan: It’s just crazy, the benzodiazepines. These people get on these drugs, the lorazepam and such, and they just can’t get off of them. They’re stuck on it forever.
Dr. Klinghardt: Yeah. Absolutely. Of course, it’s a business on
the surface. But even in the
pharmaceutical industry, nobody
is interested in having a sick population. That is not true. And by the way, I think it’s important for the listener to know that,
today, the cell phone industry,
the telecommunications industry, financially, is six times bigger than all the combined pharmaceutical industry. And that is the reason why no politician can even propose a change in the law or propose
an investigation without approval by representatives of the Wi-Fi promoting industry.
And so we’re sort of screwed in that way. We need a different political system. Some of us have hoped, when Trump comes into office,
that he may not be financially as dependent on securing his future. Now, I’m not so sure that happened in that way. I’m not so sure.
Evan: You want to know something interesting? I’ve got a friend who lives in Los Angeles. He told me, right after Trump got elected, that the spraying of the chemtrails in Los Angeles stopped for about three weeks. He said that he had seen the most blue sky ever since he moved to Los Angeles in 1997. And then, three weeks after he got elected, the spraying resumed. Did you notice anything like that in Washington?
Dr. Klinghardt: Absolutely, absolutely. And it has lightened up the program, but only in the US. It worsened in Europe. How’s that for a taste?
Evan: That’s crazy. See, I’ve
tried to use really high-powered binoculars. I’ve never been able to see any markings, any planes. They always fly so high compared to a commercial airliner, that you just can’t even see what it is to try to see what kind of plane is it.
Dr. Klinghardt: You know that big air tankers? Maybe our friends at Boeing actually equipped them at
the tanks to do the spraying, so high-flying tankers. They’re another mile above the commercial airlines.
Evan: So I collected some snow,
a snow sample. Because in December, here in Kentucky where I am, we saw five or six inches worth of snow come in December right after an entire day of spraying. So I collected a snow sample.
And I was going to send it off to
get a water testing. But I couldn’t find any good enough company for water testing to try to test and see if the barium and the aluminum and strontium and all the things are actually in there or not. So do you think it would show a positive if I tested some snow?
Dr. Klinghardt: Well, it depends on the lab. We’re talking about nano particles. And it needs a special lab that specializes in nano particles
to detect them. It’s a very different technology from just your regular lead in the drinking water.
Evan: Right. Do you have any companies that you could recommend for watertesting or melted snow testing?
Dr. Klinghardt: Not in the US. It’s very difficult.
Evan: Okay, okay.
Dr. Klinghardt: And many of the labs that we used to work with
got threatening letters from the government agency overseeing the labs. Sort of that to stay away from testing aluminum nanoparticles and titanium nanoparticles. So how’s that for a taste?
Evan: I know. Well, I heard an interview—and actually, it wasn’t an interview. It was a lady who called NASA. And she recorded
the line. And basically, the NASA engineer was talking about the chemtrail program. But people still

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