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 or AIDS minor. And visible on the surface are people testing positive for Lyme. They’re testing positive for Candida, for many of the molds and fungi that we have.
But the real reason is that the immune system is completely dysfunctional as a result of these viruses.
And then depending on—if you
go to Ritchie Shoemaker, he will diagnose everybody with mold.
If you go to Richard Horowitz, everybody will have a form of Lyme disease. If you go to somebody else, everybody’s going to—the medical medium, everybody’s going to have Epstein-Barr virus. But the truth is that there’s something deeper than that, the retroviruses.
And Judy Mikovits and Frank Ruscetti are the main researchers on that, Marco Ruggiero, who’ve been my mentors in that. And so, by taming the retroviruses, we actually get control again over Candida, we get control over mycoplasma, we get control over Lyme disease, we get control over the Epstein-Barr and Herpes type 6 and all that.
And so, it’s been an exciting journey. But this is all of us being affected by that. So the moment you’re exposed to Wi-Fi, you
will unleash this dragon on the inside that then when this viruses start replicating, you will have all the symptoms of a chronic viral infection that doesn’t instantly kill you like AIDS used to do or HIV does. But it’s a slower process. It’s a slow kill.
And so, by actually getting control of the Wi-Fi environment, of reducing the toxic burden that people have, we actually are able to get control of the retroviruses again. And then, the Lyme disease, the microplasma, the molds, the Candida, either fall away almost
on their own or they become a much lesser issue than like when we needed to do three years of intravenous antibiotics to treat Lyme disease. When we actually tame these issues, it may be six weeks on an herbal compound that cures the patient.
And that’s sort of what we’re observing right now. It’s a very exciting journey. But also, increasingly more difficult. As you mentioned before, how can we let the entire population know that they’re actually being destroyed by the current way Wi-Fi is licensed without any medical trial done to show safe or not safe? We know it’s not safe. Actually, all the trials that have been done show it’s not safe. But that’s licensed everywhere in the US without any medical tests that was ever done to show that it’s not causing harm. And so it’s violating all principles of medicine, of common sense, “First do no harm.” You first destroy whole generations of children and the people in order to then look back and say, “Maybe we shouldn’t
have done that.” But it’s going to be a grim situation. And I’m not a pessimist. I’m just a realist.
Evan: Yeah. I understand. So how old are you, if you don’t mind me asking?
Dr. Klinghardt: I’m 68.
Evan: 68, okay. So even in your lifetime, you’re suspecting we’re going to see some major changes. We’ve already seen major changes. I’ve heard you talk so much about what the United States used to be like in the 80s and how people were much more positive and everything kind of had a different energy to it than it does today.
Dr. Klinghardt: Yeah. The US was a fantastic place to be. It still is a good place. But it’s unfortunate in the kind of democracy that we have,
that the politicians have become
so vulnerable to the influence of money that they cannot govern without watching out over their money from morning to night for the next re-election. And that has made this system so vulnerable,
so corrupt, and so wounded. And going into the future in a really dark way, because there’s no political will to change any of this. There’s no political will to look at the signs that’s available. There’s no political will to translate the signs into policy to protect people.
There are so many simple options that we know of that could—we’re not suggesting that people should not have Wi-Fi. But people should have a choice, whether their home, inside their walls, get blasted or not. There were so many safer technologies available. But there was no political will to use a safe alternatives.
Evan: So, basically, the situation that I’m in now, I’m home most
of the week. I work from home. I see all of my clients via Skype and phone. So my risk is small enough where I don’t have any neighbor close enough to even pick up Wi-Fi. I only have, maybe, one or two cell phone towers within many, many miles where people in Manhattan will have 1,600 towers.
Let’s just say five days a week, if I’m in a pretty low EMF environment, if I go to Whole Foods on the weekend and I’m getting blasted with Whole Foods’ Wi- Fi and the Starbucks’ Wi-Fi next door, I probably won’t experience too much, you’re saying, because my cumulative exposure during the week is so low?
The weekend, I can probably handle a day in the city.
Dr. Klinghardt: Exactly. But
be aware that you’re living a very privileged situation, sort of. And if everybody goes crazy

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