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  importantly to me, you’ve got
to curtail heavy duty cell phone use during pregnancy. And it has been related, by the way, to a risk of miscarriage and birth defects.
So all of that comes into play especially when you’re pregnant and then making sure that your kids simply are not playing with your smart phone just as a little entertainment piece. And it’s very difficult. To say this seems almost sacrilegious when you see how prolific technology
is today. And you keep kids playing. And they’ve got their little iPads. And you keep them really entertained with videos and so forth. But we think all
of this is creating some sort of real difficulty in brain function and in terms of nervous system function.
And I think that if you take a look at your child’s brain on EMFs as I have, then you’re going to see how the rates of autism and learning disabilities have absolutely soared in the last, I’d say the last twenty years. It’s something like one in fifty right now. And so much of that really mirrors and matches the proliferation of all of the electromagnetic fields, which is about a hundred million times more than our grandparents were surrounded with.
Carla: Yeah, can you explain
that term again? I just want to go back to that term you said “digital dementia.” I had never heard that before. You know when you need to just put a word or a phrase or you need to name something. And it’s goes, “Whoa.” It just resonates with you. So can you just explain what that term is used to mean?
Ann Louise: Well, it’s the overexposure to technology, which starts to really effect the way a child interacts with the
environment, with other human beings, and becomes really addicted to the Internet, to the cell phone, to technology, to the effect that many social skills are starting to become very deficient and very lacking.
So I see it just in terms of these kids that are interacting with their phones twenty-four, seven. But you also see it with adults, to be quite honest with you, when you’re going out to dinner and everybody puts their cell phone on the table and starts to text one another at the table rather than interacting with one another.
So there’s a lot to be said that may have nothing to do with the aberrant radiation and the non-ionizing, but nonetheless biologically active non-ionizing radiation. It’s just you’re interacting with a machine. And many of our social skills start to decline. So that’s really problematic.
And maybe that’s the reason that so many other countries do not allow children to use cell phones.
I mean, they have seen that it’s
not just the brain cancer, but that they’re simply more physiologically sensitive to the energy, and it effects the way that they relate with other human beings. So all this is a really big deal as far as I’m concerned.
Carla: Yeah, and you know what? I would agree. They’re sort of addictive, these devices. Actually, not sort of. They are. And so you have that on top of the fact that they’re actually physically altering DNA and bodily functions and creating all kinds of havoc in the body and disease. It’s like it’s compounded by that. But not only there’s this addictive element, and there’s a social element as well. So it’s really big.
So when you said earlier that you don’t want to be doom
and gloom—I don’t know the words you used—but this whole seriousness. But really this is a truly big issue that our children have to deal with, especially with everybody thinking, “Kids will be kids.” And it’s become part of just being a child in the world, having a device. Everybody’s got one.
I’m an advocate of playing outside and talking to your friends, that kind of thing. And I’m always talking like that with the kids that I’m around whenever I’m around them.
But I still see those very kids in a group texting each other while they’re together or hunkered over some kind
of a device or other. And everybody’s got their own and are doing their own thing.
And it’s like they’re just sucked right in. And it’s constant. It’s a constant inundation of these EMF radiation.
Ann Louise: Well, it is. And then
if you start reading the research. And a lot of this I’ve written
about in greater depth in Zapped. You’ll see that the cells actually become interrupted. The cellular communication between one another becomes interrupted. And so your cells get overwhelmed
by all kinds of messages from inside and outside the body because without enough calcium remember this creates calcium leaches in the cell membranes. Then all the neurotransmitters become very scrambled. And then chemicals start pouring in from your ruptured cells that damage your cellular DNA. And then
this starts to disrupt normal cell division. And it creates oxidative stress that further damages DNA and many other physical processes. So all of this has a domino effect, so to speak.

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