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  So this, again, is invisible. Many of us can’t see, can’t taste. But we’re feeling the effects in a variety of very strange ways because these electromagnetic fields that are very subclinical, shall we say, they can’t accurately be measured. But they’re very much felt by those of us that are electromagnetically sensitive, kind of allergic to electricity. And they have biological effects that have been noted by a number
of very courageous and brave independent scientists.
Carla: Okay. So EMFs are dangerous, obviously, from what you’re saying. And you did give us a little bit as a reason to why they’re dangerous, what they do in the body. Can you give us a little bit more about what effects they have on our health and how these issues are especially problematic for children and teens?
Ann Louise: Well, basically what we’ve learned—and I’ve done a lot of research with regard to this—I think that what we’re seeing is that the electromagnetic fields which are highly biologically active—they don’t actually heat the body the way an ionizing radiation or the X-rays do—but the cells in your body really react to these EMFs
as potentially harmful. And they shut down. And so it’s almost like having a toxic chemical or heavy metal in the environment. And your DNA very specifically can recognize these fields at very low levels of exposure. And the DNA becomes tainted. The DNA breaks and can’t even reproduce itself. So on a very basic level this is affecting us.
A number of scientists have suggested that exposure to EMFs or even your wireless phone, your table phones, your computers, anything that is wireless—very specifically, the wireless router, as well as the smart
meters in the house—have the ability to change cell membrane function. And we have found that there are major changes
in calcium metabolism where
you start to lose calcium from
the cells. And all of this starts to scramble communication between your cells.
So you’ve got problems in terms of cell membrane function.
And then the EMFs themselves, they produce what we call heat shock protein, so as if heating were occurring when it is not. And all of this breaks DNA. It creates blood-brain barrier
leaks. It increases free radicals.
It increases cellular stress, premature aging, sometimes learning impairments, headaches, fatigue, sleeping disorders, melatonin impairment.
And you know, Carla, there are dozens of studies that have found that even the lowest levels of these EMFs can depress the body’s production of melatonin, which is very important because melatonin, to me, is a hormone. It’s considered to be the Dracula hormone because its production peaks at night, and it helps us sleep. It protects us from disease.
And it was first noted that melatonin was effected by EMFs when studies began surfacing
that found that night workers experienced higher rates of breast cancer than those who held down regular daytime jobs from nine
to five, for example. And we now know that melatonin can increase the body’s effectiveness of its own killer cells, which then fight off foreign invaders.
So it’s very important that we have enough melatonin because it bolsters the entire immune system. And it increases the antioxidant activity of glutathione, which
is perhaps the most important antioxidant in the system. It’s specifically anti- inflammatory, and it helps to repair cells.
And so all of this is very critical because we see such a growing proliferation of all these immunosuppressive diseases that I think may be connected to this melatonin suppression.
So all of this then circles back to children and teens who aren’t sleeping the way they should. They’ve got all kinds of electronic equipment in their rooms. And
it’s not just he blue lights that are emanating from the electronic equipment. But it’s also the energy. It’s the biological effects of some of the energy waves that are coming through—the non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation—that most parents are just completely unaware of.
And it’s a shame because you’ve got very erudite and very austere and very impressive organizations like the American Academy of Pediatrics, as well as the Canadian Society of Pediatrics that have been very clear in terms of how many hours they think infants and children and teens should be exposed to technology. And they have stated unequivocally that from the age of zero to two years, children should not have any exposure to technology. That’s zero. So you can’t be taking your kid on a walk and having that smart phone right near his head.
And then for three to five years, that time should be restricted to about one hour a day. And from
six to eighteen years, technology should be restricted to an exposure of two hours a day. And that’s almost impossible, given the fact that so many schools are now going wireless. And so children and youth, they’re probably using about five times the recommended amount
of technological advances than we

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