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 used. And many of them are then facing immunosuppressing and life-threatening diseases.
And I hate to be so paranoid about this. But when you start reading the research and
the literature that nobody’s talking about because we have such major cell phone and telecommunication industries in this country, then it becomes really a little off-putting in terms of all this.
And I think I shared with you
that there was a presentation
that was done in September of 2008. It was held at the Royal Society in London. And it showed that children and teenagers are about five times more likely to come down with some kind of brain cancer if they use mobile phones. And this risk may, in fact, be underestimated because the studies that were used don’t show the risk of phone use over many years. And so there’s a major
risk to young people who are using cordless phones, or they’re incurring a five times greater risk of certain brain cancers.
And ADD and ADHD and all of those issues that we’re seeing with kids as well as autism, which I think may also be connected to the use of all of the technology and maybe even ultrasounds during pregnancy. So there’s a lot to be said about this. And Harvard University just published some research that is connecting the rise in autism with a proliferation of all of these electromagnetic fields that are truly part and parcel of our 21st century environment.
Carla: And so have you seen any studies about infertility and the use of like having your cell phone in your pocket?
Ann Louise: Well, there’s a
certainly a decrease in sperm mobility and motility among men if they keep their cell phone in their front pocket. Yeah, so we’ve seen that as well. And you really shouldn’t be keeping any kind
of not just phone. But I wouldn’t be keeping my laptop on my lap because wherever you’re keeping a wireless device, you’re, in fact, radiating that part of the body.
Carla: Okay. So I just want to stop. We were talking about specifically for children and teens and why this might affect them more. So can you explain the physiology behind why electromagnetic fields can actually affect children more profoundly than adults?
Ann Louise: Well, they’re affected much more profoundly because they’re not just little adults. They’re not just little adults. They’re undeveloped human beings at this point.
And then I think where the real problem comes into play is that their brains and their nervous systems are underdeveloped. And so because the brain and the skull and that whole area is so permeable and it’s so fluid with ions and water, that those become conducting elements to the electromagnetic energy. So they become much more subject to adverse effects. And I think we’re seeing that in terms of
the great degree of ADD/ADHD behavioral symptoms and so forth. It’s almost as if our kids had been exposed to digital dementia, so to speak. And I believe that term has been used quite a bit.
So we have found that studies even suggest that a cell phone call that will last just about
two minutes can cause brain hyperactivity. And that brain hyperactivity and over response can persist for at least an hour
in children. So I guess what we think is that because children are growing so rapidly and their cells are dividing at breakneck speed, the more cells that divide, the greater the risk for damage at certain critical junctures.
And because we have seen that EMFs also cause breaks in the blood-brain barrier, children are simply more permeable. And that’s because of their higher concentration of the ions in the fluid in their brains themselves.
And so having any kind of breach in the blood-brain barrier allows all kinds of toxins as well as oxidative stress to start to further damage nerve tissue and then
it has adverse effects on brain hormones like dopamine and serotonin. And the idea here is that it’s not just children who may be exposed, but they’re exposed even before they’re born because they can be exposed to the pollution that a mother absorbs through her cell phone use or to exposure to high EMFs at home or on the job. And so it’s very important that you are careful, especially during pregnancy.
And I have to tell you that there was a 2008 published study that showed I think they worked with more than 13,000 children. And
it found that women who used
a cell phone two or three times
a day while they’re pregnant are more likely to have kids with behavioral problems and difficulty controlling their emotions. And so in the same way that you protect your baby from toxic exposures during pregnancy, you’re not going to want to take X-rays during pregnancy. You don’t
want to use a lot of nail polish/ nail polish remover. I think it’s vital that you protect your baby from electropollution as it can impact the kid’s nervous system long before birth. And so most

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