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  what’s disconcerting is that other countries are much far ahead of the game than we are. They’re much more aware about all of these issues, particularly when it comes
to children and protecting children. So I think that what we’re moving towards here is a realization that we could be hypersensitive to the electromagnetic world that’s around us.
And there’s a variety of
symptoms that are connected to electromagnetics. It can affect the heart rate. It can affect the eyes, the ears, the brain, the skin. Just about every area of the body is affected so you never know exactly what’s going on. And then, of course, when you see the proliferation of brain tumors, that we’re not talking about the way that we did. However, for those of us that have friends that work on Wall Street that are forever surrounded computers and phones in all ears, then you know that there’s an over exposure.
And I think that’s what the problem is. And there are no safe havens because, again, there might have been a problem years ago with lead
or asbestos or tanning beds or cigarettes. And you could simply remove yourself from a certain environment and you weren’t exposed.
What’s happening now, however,
is that you’ve got the exposure twenty-four, seven if you’ve got your wireless router that’s plugged in and not disabled at night or if you’re living in a home that has a smart meter. So you’ve got all of those exposures. And that’s why it’s more important now than ever to really support yourself with antioxidants perhaps with melatonin or with this new type of...It’s not really new, but it’s certainly it’s an old remedy that we’re now researching and have some science behind. And that’s the
whole concept of earthing, whereby you’re protecting your system from these low- frequency electromagnetic fields by neutralizing some of the positive charges with the negative electrons from the earth.
And it’s interesting because earthing has taken off as quite a phenomenon. And I had the ability to, in 2010, I believe, when the earthing book came out, to really review that and learn firsthand about the healing response that it takes in the body and then starts when a person becomes grounded and whether that means standing or sitting on the earth or grounded using electrodes that are placed on the soles of the feet or certain types of sheets that you can sleep with. It’s really interesting because this is able to help pain. It’s able to speed wound healing. It’s able to decrease inflammation. And it takes only twenty minutes a day for a person to really get that healing response when they start to be grounded. So there are lots of things that can be done. This is a big deal that has just taken off.
And rather than focus on EMFs,
I remember talking to the lead author, Clint Ober, about this who was in the telecommunications industry early on. He said, “You know, people are not going to give up their gadgets. I can just tell you everything is going to be digitized in the coming years.” This was 2010. So telling people to do without their cell phones or their iPads, as well as their routers and to live far away from cell phones towers, it ain’t gonna happen.
So we’ve got to be very protective and very positive
and then protect them with
all of these antioxidant-rich electrons, which he believes is
a major deficiency. He believes most people are simply electron
deficient, which would provide you with the ability to neutralize all of the toxic elements that you’re getting when you’re exposed.
So I include a little bit about earthing in my book. I talk
about that certainly on some
of the websites that we have that are connected to Zapped, And I have found that that’s been very helpful because what you can do at night is to make sure that in your bedroom, as well as that of your children, that you remove all electronic equipment and that you never sleep with your cell phone.
Your cell phone just shouldn’t be your alarm clock. You don’t want to have any of these digitized and digital gadgets near your head. You want to make sure that you’re as far away as possible. Make sure that there
is no frequency of use, and that the duration of time is as less
as can be reasonably expected. Because it’s really prolific use and constant barraging of the system that’s the problem where you don’t have a chance to rest and rejuvenate and regenerate, which is what you need to do when you sleep at night, which is why I use grounded sheets.
Carla: Right. So the proximity is extremely important, how close it is to you, and the duration of use. And also, too, you know, you mentioned—
Ann Louise: And the frequency.
Carla: And the frequency. And so you also talk about, we’re talking a lot about cell phones, but what about cordless phones?
Ann Louise: Some of the research...There was a small

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