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 And you can talk about it. And then people go back to just texting one another, which is a better way of communicating certainly than by using a little microwave oven— which is what a cell phone is—right around your brain, near your head, for example. And I have to tell you that all of this really drove home with me because I developed what they call a salivary gland benign tumor, although I didn’t know what it was until we had it removed. I had been living on a cell phone. So I’m kind of a reformed cell phone addict to be quite honest with you.
And when I was living on my cell phone, I was doing interviews twenty-four seven. I was communicating with it. It was entertaining me. I mean, that was my mode of communication, which is true with just about everybody in this day and time. And there were no smart phones back then. This was in the early 2000s, 2003, 2004, and 2005.
But I was living on it and using
it specifically on one side of my head. And then when I developed this little...It was right beneath
the jaw line. It was this little bump and lump that got bigger and bigger. And I thought well maybe it was a lymph node. But why should I have a lymph node there? I had it removed.
And the surgeon at that point— this was 2005—didn’t know what it was until the lab results came back. And they said it was a benign carotid gland tumor. And then when I started researching my book, I learned that there was quite a lot research that had come out particularly by the Israelis that showed that extreme use of the cell phone on one side of the head created a near epidemic of these benign—as well as malignant— carotid gland tumors.
So I knew that I was
very hypersensitive to electromagnetics. Even before that I would go into stores and then feel a little uncomfortable when the fluorescent lights started blinking on and off. But I never realized the extent that my own system had become really allergic to the digital age, so to speak. And that’s kind of true with a lot of us.
I mean it’s very interesting because when you start looking at some of the symptoms of electro-hypersensitivity that I believe our kids have—whether it’s numbness in the fingers, feelings of warmth, facial flushing, headaches, dizziness, nauseousness, deafness, blurred vision, blistering skin—severely effected people cannot even use a cell phone at all at this point because they get heated so prolifically from the use of the cell phone. It will heat up the ear and heat up a certain side of the head. So I’m finding that many of us are allergic, but aren’t realizing where the source is coming from and can even be allergic to those high—or they’re called the energy efficient light bulbs that many of us see, the CFLs—the compact fluorescent lights.
So all of that gives off a kind of form of radiation. And many symptoms that we’re experiencing are very identical to radio wave sickness that we’ve identified as far back
as the 1970s. So there are neurological implications. There are implications in terms of
the cardiac system and the respiratory system and even the digestive system in terms of enlarged thyroid and abdominal pain and the eyes and dehydration. And nose bleeds are very much connected they say to EMFs, as well.
So it’s really scary. And if you’re
traveling in a car with your child, and they’re playing with your cell phone or they want to make calls, that’s not the best place to make calls because you’re in a vehicle that is metallic. And all of that starts to concentrate some of the radioactive or the non- ionizing radiation waves.
If you’re in an airplane, it’s the same thing with the metals.
The waves just start bouncing
off of the metal, and then they can concentrate the exposure
of some of that non-ionizing radiation, which, again, is very biologically active. And that’s why we get so tired on airplanes in this day and time. I don’t think it’s just regular jet lag. I think a lot of this is EMF overexposure. So
it takes you twice as long to get over an airplane flight as it did ten to twenty years ago.
Carla: Right. Wow. And that’s very serious stuff. And like we were mentioning before, you can’t see this, right? We just think, “Oh, you know, it’s jet lag,” or,
“I’m just tired,” all this stuff. “Well, I’m not really sure why. I’ve just got a headache for some reason or another.” And so it’s really hard to understand like this is something that’s real.
And even if we could think and shift our thinking about EMFs and our exposure to EMFs...Liken it to something like smoking where it’s just polluting your environment. And so I like it when you use words like “allergic,” right? So you’re allergic to EMFs because that really makes it feel and
seem like a real thing. You can
be allergic to it. You can have a sensitivity to it. EMF pollution, using that word “pollution,” because those are all terms that we take as something that’s physically real in our environment.
Ann Louise: Yes. And you know

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