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 to be a leading expert in biological electricity.
And this man was so ahead of his time that he was nominated twice for the Nobel Prize. He
was an orthopedic surgeon, to be exact, and spoke about all
of the emerging problems we were having because we were surrounded by all of these manmade frequencies, these energies from power lines, from radar, and microwave ovens. And now we’ve seen, in this day and time, we’re even more exposed to these manmade frequencies. And I believe that they’re creating problems that we have simply not recognized.
Carla: Okay. So when we were speaking earlier and getting to know each other, you mentioned the reason why you started working in the health field in the first place. And when I read in your bio just now, you’ve been into a lot of things that people are getting savvy to nowadays like the fat and carbs, looking at the body in a more functional way, and things that we just weren’t really talking about then.
But now most recently you’re investigating and you have investigated and written a book about eletromagnetic fields,
in particular. Can you just talk about that for a minute? Like what made you start this whole journey into uncovering things that people just weren’t talking about?
Ann Louise: You know, it’s almost like having a sixth sense that there’s something that is the underlying cause of all of these symptoms that nobody has been recognizing. And I was seeing so many people, Carla, that I began noting what their symptoms were, came up with my own hypotheses, and then
found through the literature that what I was suspecting was true. And so it’s simply wanting to really heal people and figure out those underlying causes that maybe hadn’t been identified. And that might have been the parasites among us, the fungus, the mold, and now this unseen invader, which is the electromagnetic pollution that surrounds all of us.
So what had happened after writing all my books—I’m the author of thirty books on different aspects of health and healing—I was finding that for the past, I would say, the past fifteen years in my clinical practice, even
using some of those underlying causes, whether it was too much sugar, not enough fiber, not
the right kinds of fat, too many carbohydrates, the diet wasn’t enough to really heal people.
And I had started seeing this very strange constellation of symptoms that simply defied diagnosis. And even resisted a lot of my other tailor-made diets and supplements and so forth. And that’s when
I had to start looking into the environment and figuring that there was a new environmental hazard out there, the EMFs among us,
that perhaps was the underlying cause that could solve many of my puzzling case histories.
I wrote about it in Zapped and then found that the electromagnetic effect was really effecting and zapping us much more than we imagined because it didn’t go
away the way your sugar cravings went away or your ability to walk away from secondhand smoke or even problems like asbestos. This particular situation that surrounds us is with us twenty-four, seven. And it’s one that nobody wants to talk about. I could tell you, it’s not a popular topic because we love our gadgets. And we feel we can’t live without them.
Carla: Yeah. And, too, what you just said earlier, unseen. Food we can see, we can taste, tummy trouble, blah, blah. We can’t see electromagnetic fields. Would you just tell our listeners what electromagnetic fields are?
Ann Louise: Well, the electromagnetic fields are actually energy fields that are emanated and come from a variety of sources. We find that microwave radiation
is coming to us from cell phone antennas, from radar, from wireless networks, from portable phones, from wireless speakers, from baby monitors, from wireless mice and keyboards, and even the smart meters that are in the house.
And then you get other fields
that are coming from your home appliances or even indoor wiring and plumbing, maybe outdoor from power lines and sometimes even from transformers and
what they call stray currents on underground water lines. That’s where your EMFs specifically, electric and magnetic fields, are emanating from. And then there can be ground current, which comes into the home on plumbing fixtures.
We’re surrounded by these elements, and there is an actual electromagnetic spectrum where you can see the longest and shortest and slowest frequencies, which are referred to as extremely low frequencies or ELF. So you’ve got your bands of ELF, your radio frequencies, your microwaves, your infrared, your visible light, your ultraviolet frequencies, and then your ionizing radiation, which we’re all aware of is very dangerous. And that’s the frequencies that we’re getting from X-rays or cat scans.

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