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  earthing and other products that help you to get grounded and help your body.
And other health things such
as social, speak to people. Go and hang out with your friends instead of texting and all that sort of thing. So all those things that go together for all of us who want to make some kind of change in that regard can really make a huge impact.
And I thank you so much, Ann Louise, for all of your information. You are just so passionate about all of this stuff. And we could do like twenty interviews, I think, with all the stuff that you are an expert at. So I would love to do this again maybe for the second Children’s and Teen Health Summit.
Ann Louise: We’ll have some positive information at that point.
Carla: That’d be awesome.
Ann Louise: Unfortunately, I hear myself. And I say, “This is
all gloom and doom.” But you know something? It’s not going to go away and putting your head in the sand is not the answer.
So we have to be very proactive and realize what we’re fighting, what we’re up against, and be as proactive about this as we were about lead and asbestos and tanning beds, as well as GMO foods. To me this is our GMOed environment.
Carla: Well, I for one, Ann Louise, as a warrior mama, appreciate your proactivity. So, thank you!
Ann Louise: Well, thank you.
Carla: And thank you for being here with us. And I appreciate your time. Take care.
Ann Louise: Bye-bye.

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