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  because of the revolution of
the 1960s in which we stopped wearing leather- soled shoes. And we are now using plastics and all kinds of rubber soles, which are not conductive the way the leather was. And so in effect we’ve become unconnected. We’ve become disconnected to the earth.
And when we become re- connected, your whole bodily system works much better. The heart starts to beat better. The thyroid functions much better. I mean, look at all the problems we have with thyroid in this day and time. The electromagnetics in the environment definitely have an effect. When you start to earth, everything starts to normalize, including your melatonin levels with the earthing and grounding, as well as cortisol levels. So
your body isn’t as much under constant stress, the stress and strain of the stress proteins that are affected when you’re exposed to electromagnetics. So it’s very protective. It’s almost like having a protective bubble. So I’ve got my foot on one of those grounding mats even as we speak.
Carla: Actually, I have my hand on one. Isn’t that funny?
Ann Louise: Yeah, right now. Then this is what you do. It just becomes part of your lifestyle. And, of course, then you’re sleeping on the sheets that we have or the mats that you can
use or the pads that we can use, as well. So it’s very interesting what’s going on. And I think that all of this grounding information— and certainly the technology
that’s been kind of revived—is important. And we have to be very grateful for Clint Ober for coming up with so many of these things. And we now have, I think, mattresses that are grounding mattresses, which I think are very
Carla: I actually spoke to him about potentially grounding our house, right? And he said the technology was quite a ways away. And it would cost you
quite a bit of money right now. But when we were building our house, I had spoken to him and talked about some of these things because there are ways that you can set up how you live in your home, like you were saying, the feng shui. Those things can be done if you can research it and get a bit of information. Yeah.
Ann Louise: All that can be done, as well as placing the furniture
in certain locales, making sure that you’re not over a lot of fans. I mean, there’s all kinds of ways in which we can protect ourselves. And you just do this as naturally as you would eat the right kind
of foods on a daily basis. It just becomes part and parcel of what your life is like.
But, you know, when you take a look at what’s in the house these days, you’ll see all of the devices that are electrically or digitally
or wirelessly now driven, and it’s just amazing because if you went into your grandparents house, there might be twenty or thirty items that you could name that have some sort of an electrical connection. But if you go into
our homes in this day and time and just take a little tour as I do through the book and take you on a digital tour, you’re seeing all the proliferation of so many devices.
I mean we’re surrounded. We’re surrounded and dependent. That’s really what’s kind of scary.
Carla: Yeah. I just want to mention two things just to make sure that we don’t skip over anything without being clear. Earlier you mentioned a protective device called, like not
a protective device, but something
you could use instead of the headset or putting the phone by your head. You said an air tube headset. So I want to make that clear. When you said headset, you didn’t mean the traditional headset with the wires.
There is such a thing as an air tube headset, which actually I’m using right now. And you might not have the sound exactly the same. But they still work really well. And so it’s an air tube. It’s not a traditional headset that you were saying to use, right?
Ann Louise: It’s a plastic air tube earpiece. Yeah. So if that’s what you’re using, yes. So there’s like a little bubble thing that’s there. And you’re not directly connected to the phone through that.
Carla: Right. And the traditional headsets, you are actually.
And it’s going directly into your head.
Ann Louise: It is going directly into your head. So that’s not what we want. We want to get all of this away from your body and away from your head, most specifically and most directly as much as possible.
Carla: Yes. Okay, good. Okay, I just wanted to clarify that. So, there’s a lot of information here. I also, too, you were talking about Clint Ober. He wrote a book called Earthing. That’s what it’s called, right? So for anybody who wants to look into his work.
Ann Louise: Yes, yes, and I talk about earthing in Zapped.
Carla: Okay, Zapped. And so is there anything else that you’d
like to mention? There’s a lot of information here. And I think that you’ve done such a fabulous job of covering all of the main issues and giving our listeners, our parents

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