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 and caregivers, some really, really good tips and empowering tips on how to protect our kids from the EMFs in the environment, and actually maybe even some of the people might not have known that this was even a real issue or a health concern in the first place. So that is amazing. And I thank you for all that.
And so for people who really
are maybe even reeling from all this information, there are lots
of resources to research. And
one of them, and one of the best ones, would be your book called Zapped. And so be sure to check into that. Pick up a copy of Zapped because Ann Louise goes into great detail about all of this and will really help you to get sorted. Is there anything else you’d like to suggest for research or anything you’d like to tell us about what your next projects are, Ann Louise?
Ann Louise: Well, the next projects are really getting this information out as best that we can. And I’m also going to suggest for people that really need the research, research in terms of
all of the studies, there was a wonderful work that was first presented, I think it was 2009 when it came out. And it was updated in 2012. And that is the Bioinitiative Report. And if you look online at BioinitiativeReport. org, I believe is the URL. You
will see that there has been an enormous amount of documented studies that connect the EMFs
that we’re talking about from the wireless devices to the electric devices, and that all of this has been connected to a great variety of current diseases and disorders that we are now looking at. And so I want to make that available for people.
And I also want individuals to
understand that in 2011 the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer warned the world of risks from the radiation emitted by cell phones, from Wi-Fi, and smart meters. They classed all of this as a class to be possible carcinogen. So this is being made known throughout
the world. And many of our researchers feel that sensitivity to these electromagnetic radiation emissions is the emerging health problem
of our century, and that it is pretty imperative that parents as well as practitioners and governments and schools learn much more about it because it’s felt that human health stakes are significant.
Some people consider
this the greatest biological experiment of mankind, by the way. So we go to all different elements there. Yeah. And there are many prestigious organizations—the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, The American Academy of Pediatrics—have all come out with mission statements and declarations about how so much of this is an important health issue. And it can cause acute and chronic health problems.
And it’s being looked at with more and more concern
by healthcare practitioners everywhere. So to me this is probably the emerging public health issue of our time. And that the human brain is especially susceptible to the environmental insults that are coming from all of these EMFs. And that’s why
I think we have an epidemic among children of decreased motor function, of hyperactivity, diminished cognition, diminished learning. That’s where all this
digital dementia is coming from in terms of the underdeveloped interpersonal skills, disjointed experiences, and even brain damage. So it is considered a new condition, digital dementia in children.
Carla: Wow.
Ann Louise: It’s been coined before. So I just need to say
that all of that is there because you’ll go out into the world and see that all of this starts to be poo-pooed. And everybody says, “Oh, this is nothing.” You’ve
got naysayers or people that don’t know science. And this
is what they’re saying. “This is impossible.” Just go online and take a look at Marty Blank’s YouTube videos where he talks about how cell phones do damage. And he just wrote a magnificent book called Overpowered.
So that’s the type of thing you need to look at which will show the DNA and how it breaks and how it’s damaged and so forth. And it cannot repair itself because of this damage. And a lot of
this was known way back in the ‘70s. Nothing was done about it. There’s a lot of money involved. And the communications industry, which a trillion dollar industry, simply doesn’t want all of this found out. But we really have to take our own matters of health into our own hands without being terribly paranoid and negative.
Carla: Yeah, great points. And if you’re one of those people that get it. You get it already. You just want to get on with things and make a change, curbing use, knowing that cell phones are not toys, keeping that proximity from these devices a little further, the duration of use as little as possible. And consider

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