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 Dr. Jay: Yeah. Yeah. Well, in Lyme, Lyme is around the globe. It’s around the United States. It’s always known in the United States as like the Northeast and the Midwest. Lyme’s been diagnosed in every single state in the U.S. So we know Lyme doesn’t know borders. It does travel via birds and other things. And it is transmitted via tick. But it is other ways: spiders and rodents and mosquitos, sexual transmission, from mom to utero or baby, breastfeeding.
There’s a lot of different modes of transmission, which make it to be almost in
epidemic proportions.
Erin: Mmhmm. Wow. So if someone’s learning about this,
and they maybe get discouraged because there’s such a mix of information out there on the interweb—and Lyme seems to be
a little more controversial topic than I would have thought it would be—do you have any perspective on how it became controversial and how somebody can dig through the weeds to find out what they need to know to get properly tested and
your health issues. And just like headaches and migraines, as to why are you having them? If somebody’s on here and they’re looking for the next remedy that’s going to get rid of the headache when it appears, that’s great. That’s treating the symptom. And I think that’s really important. But you always want
to look upstream and say, “What’s the source? What’s the source or sources?” And treat the symptoms so that life’s more manageable. And I always prefer more of a natural way, but work on the symptom as you’re moving upstream. And as long as you’re moving upstream, then you can get your life back.
For Lyme, oftentimes there can
be other things other than just
the bacteria. Usually, when there’s Lyme, there’s other viruses, other bacteria or parasites, fungi or fungus that can be present in the body. And then, along with other things like maybe possible mold exposure, heavy metal toxins, poor dietary choices, lifestyle, emotional stresses, leaky gut, autoimmune issues.
And so Lyme, I believe Lyme
gets taken out of context and says, “Lyme’s a bug. Kill it with an antibiotic or kill it with that bug bomb.” And if that was the only issue, then yeah, then maybe there’s a reason for that. But what about all the other things going on with the body? And that’s where looking at the body as a whole, holistically, I think is the best route for Lyme.
Erin: To strengthen the whole body, so it goes along with the other infections that we may have or parasites in a sense. Like, if there’s things like this in our environment everywhere, but whether we’re strong and can resist them—or I call it the weak host, so we have an environment where these things can become overgrown or start affecting us—and that makes all the
difference in how we feel.
Dr. Jay: Yeah, it’s when the immune system is really suppressed or a lot of stress is going on. Yeah, these things can surface. And the key is just again looking at the body as
a whole. But the number one tip
I would say, especially for Lyme/ just having headaches/migraines, thinking about, “Okay, well my wife, you know, would get headaches when the pressure changed.” And we lived in Wisconsin at the time, which--
Erin: [Inaudible].
Dr. Jay: Yeah, the weather can
change a lot from all over the place. So you can have three seasons in
a week. So the question to people, “Why would she get those?” And she got headaches and things other times, too. But it was really the pressure change that really killed her or seemed to really make her suffer. And I believe it’s all about the drainage.
So the word detox gets used very often for everything. And I like
to separate the word drainage versus detox. So detox I think of, okay, you’re actually grabbing
onto like chemicals or toxins out
of the body and removing them. Drainage explained, it’s more of just the normal pathways. Like your colon, if you’re constipated, that’s a drainage pathway blocked up. Your liver, gallbladder, bile flowing is a critical, critical drainage pathway— the kidneys, the lymphatic system. The skin, just even not sweating is a drainage pathway.
So if the body isn’t draining properly, symptoms occur. Anytime you kill or anytime you detox, the stuff can’t move.
For headaches in the migraine area, that it’s the drainage pathway from the brain or the head to the body. So I almost like to separate
then learn more about it if it out they do have it?
Dr. Jay: Yeah. Yeah. The best strategy is definitely education. Fear and maybe emotional actions happen when there’s not really knowledge to back up what’s going on. So just always learning more about it is a good thing. But Lyme disease, if Lyme is prevalent or present in somebody’s body, the key isn’t just to kill the bug. The
key is to focus on getting the body well, as a whole. And I think that fits in, no matter what your health struggles are, it’s still identifying the source or sources to your health issues.
And I think it comes down to two things. I believe it comes down to these two things, Erin, is figure out what is the source or sources of

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