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  the lymphatics. So they’ve recently found in the last couple of years that there’s actually lymphatic connection in the brain to the body. But I like to, for my purposes, thinking about this, I like to separate the head portion from the rest of the body. So it’s like okay, the head lymph, or what they call like the glymphatic system versus more of the lower lymph rest of the body. And you can move lymph really well. If you’re not opening
up that brain lymph channel to the body, that’s when the pressure of the body can’t adjust. And I believe that was a big issue for my wife was that drain or the...Such a tongue twister...
Erin: Made a difference. Yeah.
David: Yeah, the brain drainage was the big thing for her to get rid of her headaches.
Erin: So did she start doing lymphatic drainage massage? Or how else did she open up those drainage pathways for the head specifically?
Dr. Jay: Yeah. So as I’ve worked with clients learning more and more tools, for her it was a little rough because we were figuring things out as we went, what worked for her. Today now, though a couple of tips that I would give your listeners of the summit is getting enough sleep. And that, I get when you’re not feeling good, that could be one of the tougher things. But when you sleep is actually when the brain drains. So when you’re awake, if you think about when you’re awake, the glial cells in the brain start to swell up from inflammation. When you sleep, they start to drain. And that helps with the head pressure, so trying to optimize sleep, super important.
There’s herbs though and things that can cross the blood-brain barrier. There’s essential oils that
can do that, as well, to open that up. I’d say one of my favorite essential oils for brain drainage is Boswellia or frankincense is the name.
Erin: Oh, okay.
Dr. Jay: Yeah. Yeah, I always
like to call it baby Jesus oil, but frankincense. Yeah. So you can literally put some on your temples, forehead, base of your skull behind where the top of the neck and the base of the skull meet. You just put like a drop and rub it in there. And frankincense helps to open up that brain-to-body channel.
There’s a company called Nutramedix. They have an herb called pinella. That one works amazing for brain drainage. But I have to caution you. If you drain the brain, that’s going to dump into the body lymph system. You want to make sure to give extra attention to that body lymph. There was an individual that just took pinella by itself. And they ended up with these huge swollen nodules because
it cleared the brain. But then, it backed the body up. So I always
like to pair pinella with burbur, same company Nutramedix. Burbur and pinella tend to be really great combinations for that drainage that can open that pathway up.
Erin: Those are amazing tips. Yeah, and really, I’m glad we talked about that because that’s one of the main complaints I hear people say is that they get these pressure headaches when the thunderstorms come through or the weather changes
or something like that. And they can’t quite figure out what’s going on. So these are really practical things people can do to start feeling better, and it sounds like actually moving your health in the direction, too. It’s not just covering up the symptoms, right.
Dr. Jay: Yeah, exactly. Again, if
there’s anything to think about when you’re struggling with health issues, symptoms is always think, “What’s the source? What’s the source of this?” And that helps to lead you down the right pathway.
Erin: Do you have anything else along those lines of things people can do at home to help with the headache management or with the symptom management that’s holistic?
Dr. Jay: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. There’s a good number of tips I would say. One of the things I learned back in my chiropractic schooling days that seems to work for
a decent amount of people is acupressure points. So if you look at the thumb webbing of your thumb, and you pinch your thumb and pointer finger together, you’ll feel, almost feel like a little marble or ball in there. And that’s an acupuncture/acupressure point to relieve headaches. Now, the only contraindication of this is if you’re pregnant, you don’t want to do
this because it will cause uterine contractions, unless you’re like over term and you want to get the show moving forward in your labor.
But yeah, so pinching between the webbing. And what you’re going
to do, you’re not going to do that Darth Vader death grip. You’re going to apply some pressure.
Find out where it’s tender, that ball between the fingers. And then, just put some firm pressure and hold it. Typically, when you feel both hands, there’ll be one that’s more tender than the other. I would start with that one first. You can do though--
Erin: More tender.
Dr. Jay: Yeah, you can do both. The other thing I’ve seen with headaches, too, going back to when I had a chiropractic office, headaches and relief of the neck area was a really big area. So

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