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  but also a sense of loneliness
with it. And because I’m lecturing in Australia, England, Germany, Switzerland, or so, I know it’s the whole Western world, right now, going down like a sinking ship. And so, I think it’s important for people to know that the things that we discussed here, that’s relevant to everybody.
I do have a teaching institute in Europe, Klinghardt Institute, where we try to make all these exact knowledge available to everybody without having to pay any money. And it’s still very, very easy to stay healthy. It’s just you need to know who the enemy is and what you have to defend against.
And there is intentionally seeded
a lot of misinformation out there. So nobody will tell you about the retroviruses. Nobody will tell you about the persistent chemtrails and the aluminum that we’re inhaling. So the main toxin is aluminum and glyphosate and fluoride. Those three together.
And the main bug that we’re
all dealing with is the human endogenous retroviruses. It is not the Lyme and the Candida and the molds and stuff. These things are all opportunistic, secondary to the retroviruses.
And if you understand that it’s toxins and the Wi-Fi that have unleashed this monster in us,
the retroviruses, that we need to detox, we need to get control of the Wi-Fi, and we need to treat the retroviruses. And then there’s a beautiful life ahead, where we can be confident and trusting in our health.
I wasn’t always healthy. I’d struggled with this also, because the causes of what we’re facing are invisible and insidious. And they’re hidden from us, intentionally. And so, fortunately, I have a technique, with
ART. I use a form of muscle testing that has allowed us to go deeper into the system.
By the way, there’s an article out now that shows the validity and reliability of our method of ART testing in a peer-reviewed journal. So that was a big joy for me when it came out.
But it’s not that difficult. And we don’t have to be perfect with our diet. We don’t have to be perfect with our exercising. There are so many misdirections that people are directed to right now. Just be careful in doing everything
in reason. But what you should not be doing and reason is the treatment of the retroviruses and the prevention of the electrosmog. That’s where we should be unreasonable.
Everything else is overrated right now, the ketogenic diet, the South Beach Diet. My friend, Joe Mercola’s exercise program is fantastic. But you have to be a rich person that doesn’t have to work in order to
do his daily exercise routine. I can’t afford it. I have to actually get up in the morning, have breakfast, and go to work. And then, when I go home at night, I’m tired. I’m not in the mood of exercising. I do walk, but I can’t exercise. And so I think, we need to be reasonable with where our lives are at, what we can afford, how many health-related things can we do.
But what we cannot compromise, you have to shut off the Wi-Fi whenever you can. You have to wear protective clothing. You
have to use a cell phone that you do with the air tubes or with the loudspeaker. You have to seek
out Wi-Fi free environments. If somebody installs smart meters
on your home, you will become neurologically ill and compromised. You’ll stop sleeping, and you’ll get ill.
And so, you have to fight those battles. Everybody who listens to this, you have to become socially active in the community to fight for your right, to stay healthy. And that is, right now, under threat, because like—the place where my office is, Woodinville outside Seattle, is the first community in the whole union where the city council has decided, there’s no opt-out solution for the smart meters.
And so, the people in the city councils are bought by the industry. They get their paychecks under
the table or over the table. And so really the only way out is for people to educate themselves. But really, it’s not that difficult. We still have a beautiful planet.
Maybe just one more number
that may contradict what I just
said. It’s just published that in the last 10 or 15 years, 80% of the insects have disappeared. 8-0 have disappeared. And with that, 70% of the songbirds. And the [inaudible] is rapidly declining.
And so, it’s not an “I’m not a paranoid” kind of thing. But our boat is in flames. Our ship is sinking. And it takes all hands on deck. And the few things I shared with you are reasonable, simple things to survive this time, until there is a turnaround, which there will be. I always believed in the American ingenuity.
And right now, out of 30 countries surveyed for child mortality, US comes in last, worst. And so, there is some objective measurements that we are leading the rest of
the troops into disaster. And we need to turn around and go on a different direction. And I know we will.
We have an interesting government right now, where it’s not so sure
yet which way that is going. I was hoping that Mr. Trump finally finds

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