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 to find out are you fatigued? Are you crashing in the afternoon? Are you crashing in the morning? Are you feeling pretty good? Because the main adrenal symptom is a deep level of exhaustion. And so, when you have that, we put people on support.
The FDA closed down all the channels to get a proper full adrenal. So as a medical doctor, I went back to use low-dose cortisol therapy like Jonathan Wright
taught us how to do that. I’m not particularly impressed with any of the natural things currently that are on the market. And Cortef, the low- dose cortisol, is very inexpensive. Even if people don’t have insurance, it’s less
expensive than the natural things that don’t work. And so, we use that. But only for the crashes.
We all have adrenals. And we only need to support them if they’re over burdened and so on. But that’s the easiest one to tell. When you
go through your day and then you have a big crash and then you can try out the adrenal support. And if that fixes it, you’ll know that’s what it was. We can do the saliva test for people that want to be more technical with it.
Evan: Yeah. So, personally,
you’re not staying on any type of adaptogens? You’re not doing like ashwagandha, rhodiola? You’re not staying on herbs just for like a daily preventive adrenal maintenance?
Dr. Klinghardt: No. As a man, I take ashwaganda every night because it’s also good for my sex drive and for testosterone, and it’s great for the sleep.
Evan: How much do you take?
Dr. Klinghardt: Ashwagandha? I take four capsules of the Ayush Herbs. There’s a local company
here that has organic ashwagandha that’s very good.
Evan: Yeah. I like Ayush. I use their AP Mag formula a lot for parasites. It’s worked really good for like Blasto and Entamoeba parasites.
I think there’s, is it maybe 500 milligrams per capsule? I’d have to look it up. You probably take it around a gram or two.
Dr. Klinghardt: Yeah.
Evan: Any other foundational supplements that you’re doing? Anything that’s in your daily toolbox?
Dr. Klinghardt: Yeah. Well, I think the most important thing for us, are the things against the retroviruses, and the leading thing are broccoli sprouts. Freeze-dried broccoli sprouts because it prevents cancer. It’s a treatment for autism. It’s
a fantastic retroviral drug. We individualize every test every patient on a variety of things. And then establish a program according to that. But one of the crucial
things for us is always to cover the retroviruses first and the detox items.
So there are very few people that we have that don’t take chlorella
for detoxing. There are a very few people that don’t have the basic set of antiretroviral agents. Scutellaria is one of the herbs. Broccoli sprouts are fantastic for that. And there are a few other things. So there will be tests through and put people on it. And it’s fantastic.
Evan: The Scutellaria, is that the Chinese skullcap?
Dr. Klinghardt: Yeah. It’s a particular extract from it.
Evan: Okay. Do you at BioPure have a particular type of that that you sell?
Dr. Klinghardt: Yeah. It’s a baicalin extract of Scutellaria root from particular mountain region in the height—it has to be about 2,000 meters up from the ground where that’s grown to have the proper ingredients. And that’s the one.
Evan: And what is that called? I’m on your store now. I just want to make sure I’m looking at the right one. It’s in the immune category?
Dr. Klinghardt: Yeah. I don’t know. I think we get it from BioPure, but I don’t think it’s even on the list yet. It’s been a while.
Evan: Okay. So maybe you can’t buy it—
Dr. Klinghardt: The wheels are turning very slow at BioPure. They have very high quality, but the wheels—they have trouble securing enough for the general public, because it needs to be the high quality stuff. And so we’re getting it.
And they will. I know from Joe, who runs the company, that they found a source that’s reliable, trusted, organic, grown at the right altitude, harvested the right way.
Evan: Perfect. So we’ll just check back then in a few months. Maybe you guys will have it on the site.
Dr. Klinghardt: Yeah, yeah. Definitely.
Evan: That’s great. Well, thanks
so much for your time. I know we got to wrap this thing up. I had so much fun. I’m sure we can go for hours. Any last words of wisdom for people that you’d want to leave them with?
Dr. Klinghardt: Yeah. I think the main thing people need to know, first of all, most people that are chronically ill feel like they failed, and feel like it’s them, and have a sense of guilt underneath that,

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