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  situation, and we have to take like 120 or 140 tablets a day for a few days. And then tinker with it and taper it down to maybe, whatever, 10 tablets twice a day.
But in the acute situations, when you have a backlog of 20 or
30 years of toxic stuff and you suddenly break the dam on that, you need a large amount.
Basically, the instruction, you take enough chlorella so your poop
is green. Then we know you’ve covered your whole gut with it. And people would feel fantastic usually.
Evan: So you’ve got different types. I’ve seen you’ve got like—and I may mess up the pronunciation, so I apologize, you’ve got the Chlorella pyrenoidosa?
Dr. Klinghardt: Yeah, pyrenoidosa and vulgaris. Pyrenoidosa is the stronger toxin binder. And vulgaris is a little bit easier on the gut.
It’s basically a multivitamin. It’s a natural multivitamin. They’re very similar. But they’re 10% different. So the pyrenoidosa is 10% to 15% better in binding with toxic crap.
But it’s a bit harder to digest. And the vulgaris has a thinner cell wall and is a little easier for the body to make the ingredients available as a nutrient for food. But it’s not as good at binding toxins. So we always start with pyrenoidosa.
Evan: Okay. People talk about broken cell wall chlorella, non- broken cell wall—does that make a difference in this example?
Dr. Klinghardt: No. All chlorella
for human consumption is broken cell wall chlorella. Chlorella has
a dual membrane around it and the outer membrane is hard like glass and completely indigestible. And it needs to be broken. There are different ways of doing that. It’s either mechanically with a thumper
or through ultrasound, by vibrating it. I’m afraid, probably, there are some types of chlorella out there where it’s solvent broken, which we do not recommend.
Evan: So what would you recommend starting out? Like if you’re doing sauna therapy. Like, I want to get back into sauna, how many tablets would you recommend starting with?
Dr. Klinghardt: Well, with the experience that you’ve had, it takes 24 hours from the mouth to the poop. So I would 24 hours before you get into the next sauna, start maybe with 20 tablets or 25 tablets, three times a day every eight hours. So you have at least three or four doses in. And then, go back in the sauna and see what happens.
Evan: Wow. And then, what about after? Any type of like a post- sauna protocol that you would implement?
Dr. Klinghardt: Yeah. The most important post-sauna protocol is the cold plunge. You should never do a sauna without cold water afterwards. All the sauna research that shows this beautiful detox effects was always done, you get in the sauna, you sweat, you go under the cold shower or cold plunge afterwards. That is what makes
it safe. Otherwise, we will have all sorts of circulatory problems afterwards or fevers or feeling the—
Evan: Really? If they don’t do the cold afterwards.
Dr. Klinghardt: Yeah.
Evan: That’s amazing. Now, do you
feel like it’s because—
Dr. Klinghardt: In the rest of
the world, this is known. The
US is the only country that has misunderstood the sauna therapy.
The sauna therapies go nice in this nice, warm, sweaty kind of thing. It’s a pleasant thing. And then you go out and have a warm shower, and you watch TV.
No. The first part is the sauna. But, absolutely, obligatory, other part is the cold water. That resets your whole circulation and the detox system and the hormones system and the immune system. That is
a huge important part of sauna therapy.
Evan: Makes sense. Some people argue that you need to wear cotton clothes the whole time so that you can be absorbing the sweat the whole time or wiping yourself with the towel the whole time. Do you worry about the details like that? Or if you’re naked in the sauna, you’re fine?
Dr. Klinghardt: You’re fine if
you’re naked in the sauna if you, afterwards go under a cold shower. The only idea is, when you do cold shower, the pores of your skin close. And you do not reabsorb the stuff that you just sweated out. But if you go under a warm shower, the pores stay open and some of the stuff that you sweated out and put so much effort, it gets reabsorbed. That’s one of the reasons for the cold water.
Evan: How simple. But everybody messes that part up, for sure. I would agree.
Dr. Klinghardt: I know. That part is unpleasant.
Evan: What about adrenal support? How do you feel about adaptogenic herbs or supporting the adrenals when you’re focusing on detoxification or working on the Candida, the metals, all of this whole thing?
Dr. Klinghardt: So, the easiest one to know from a person or patient,

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