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  relationship to the motorcycle company. But that’s got links to
our Lyme Summit, number one. Number two, it’s got links to
the Detox Project, talking about detoxification. But we’ve got some free resources on there, as well, too. The best place to start, because again this can seem overwhelming, the best way to eat an elephant— not that we’re going to eat one— but the idea, it’s big for fixing our health, is just one bite at a time. So just starting to understand more
of what the body’s going through. Tools.
I really love...I wrote a book a couple of years ago. It’s called 5 Steps to Restoring Health Protocol. I think that’s a great resource. It was a little selfish when I wrote
it because I just wanted to brain dump everything and all this research I’d compiled. Instead of having stacks, it was like turn into a book. But it’s really just about trying to simplify the complex idea of all the things going on and how do you work through it. And if you’re not a reader, I recorded the audio book, as well, on Audible. So you can always listen to that. I think those are great resources.
Erin: Those are really great. And I encourage people to check out your podcast, too, because I think you do a great job of explaining things like coffee enemas that nobody wants to talk about or Lyme disease from start to A to Z really in detail. So if they got their curiosity peaked here and they want to learn more, I think that’s a great resource for people. So thank you so much for being here and sharing with us.
For all of our listeners out there, I hope you get the chance to tune
in and learn from more great speakers during the summit. Again, my name is Erin Knight. And I will
see you next time!

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