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 people say, “Oh, it’s producing cyanide in your body.” I would not say that.
But you can literally look at
your genetics and see are you
best with hydroxycobalamin, methylcobalamin, cyanocobalamin? Maybe, a combination of two. Maybe a combination of three of them.
And just again, it’s about trying to understand your body better. The less you rock the boat, the less you disrupt the ship that you’re on,
the less symptoms you’re going
to get. The better you’re going to feel. So it’s very easy that even just a supplement you’re taking could be something that’s disrupting
your equilibrium. And then all
of a sudden, if headaches are a tendency for you, any time the body gets stressed, then that’s where it’s going to surface. And it might not be always the first thing we assume it is. And it could be even the form of vitamin, like you said.
Erin: Mmhmm. Like just looking into that or changing it out could have a big impact. Do you--
Dr. Jay: Yeah. And if you...Not to cut you off, but I will for a second.
If you think about three main things, right—let’s simplify the complex here. If you can stop the supplements that you don’t need or get off the stuff that’s maybe got really bad ingredients in it that your body’s reacting to, if you can figure out what you do need, and then you can stay away from the foods that are upsetting you, whether it’s caffeine or maybe you react to oats, or gluten, or dairy, or egg whites, if you can figure out what the foods are you react to, stay away from those.
If you can remove the supplements that are causing issues that your body’s actually reacting to and if you can take the stuff you need,
those three things can literally transform people’s lives.
Erin: Mmhmm, nice and simple. Do you believe that really anybody can heal their body and get rid of headaches? So after listening to all of these different sources, they should have some good ideas.
But is it possible for pretty much anybody that puts their mind to it to get over their headaches?
Dr. Jay: I believe—I’m a Christian— and one of the things I always think of saying-wise is, “God doesn’t make junk.” Meaning that if we can identify what’s in...And he doesn’t make junk. And God also needs no help. But he needs no interference. So what’s interfering with the body’s ability to heal? And no matter where you’re at in spiritual, it’s the idea that the body can self- heal. The key is to remove the source. If you remove the source, the body can absolutely heal.
Now, if somebody’s been knocked down and out for maybe 20, 30, 40 years, they’ve had health issues, their resiliency, their ability to bounce back is not going to be as quick or fast typically as somebody where it’s just happening. So the faster you can figure out these pieces to the puzzle and address them, usually the better the body will be resiliency.
But even if you’ve been knocked down and out for many years, the body can absolutely heal, as long as you identify what’s interfering with the body’s ability to work in the first place. And you might be because of maybe your journey, and the things that you’ve had, and the traumas, and the length of time, you might be a little bit more susceptible
to getting symptoms more than somebody else. And that’s fine. That is what it is. But as long as you focus on removing the source, I absolutely believe there’s hope.
My wife with the headaches, she can never tell you when it’s going to rain. And, of course, people would say, “Well, you live in San Diego.” Well, it’s been really, really rainy over this whole winter or season in spring. And she has no headache. There’s no headache. And it was all about getting to the source.
And then, all of sudden, when
that was removed, that symptom of what she was experiencing— migraine headache and having to lay down—was gone.
Erin: Mmm hmm. Yeah, so it’s not an overnight thing for everybody. It’s not always a quick solution of tweak this in your diet or take this supplement. But eventually looking at different root causes and starting to put that puzzle together, there is hope.
Dr. Jay: Absolutely. Yeah, we all want the quick fix. We all want the magic pill. In reality, it’s usually a combination of figuring out what are those missing pieces and doing them in synergy that gets people over the hump.
Erin: Mmhmm. Cool. Well, we talked about a lot of different things today. So to recap and guide our listeners in the right direction, I know the Chronic Lyme Summit
is an amazing resource. We really talked about like why somebody might want to consider it and when they might want to consider it.
But if they wanted to know more about what to do about it or how to get tested and all that, you have this wealth of podcasts and articles on your website,, and this Chronic Lyme Summit. Is there anything else you’d direct them to for that?
Dr. Jay: Yeah, the best resource is probably just my website, It’s D-R for doctor. And then Jay Davidson like Harley. Just unfortunately no

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