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  doubled for the 5G. The faster
the wavelengths are, the more information you can put piggyback on it. And so, there is a race for that.
The unfortunate thing is that it is known in biophysics that the body, on its own, is using ranges between 2 billion and 20 billion hertz for
the communication systems inside our body. And so the 2.4 gigahertz already has interfered with that. And the 5G, certainly, is absolutely guaranteed, will disrupt many
of our internal communication systems in our body, which spells chronic illness, chronic fatigue, insomnia, autism in children. Children don’t get a chance to develop normal brains in that environment.
But the full disaster will not be
seen for another 10 years or so, when there are no more normal children, when society, as we know it, comes to an end. Fortunately, other countries like Russia and Iran have taken a very, very cautionary approach with this, and basically, are waiting until the US commits suicide. And then, they will be the emerging countries. There’s no question. The countries that protect their citizens will be the ones who hold the future in their hands. And that’s not the US.
Evan: Right. So, now, we see autism, what? I think the last record I saw was something like one in 50, maybe one in 40 is autistic? So are you thinking this is going to be one in two, one in one, or...?
Dr. Klinghardt: Well, the unofficial numbers are one in 26. And the numbers are doubling every four years now. So it has accelerated. And Stephanie Seneff, the famous MIT researcher, has predicted
that by 2032, which is not that far away, that’s 14 years from now, all children will be affected. No more normal children.
Evan: So you’re from Germany. Now, what’s Germany doing? Are they doing things different than the US? Or do you feel like there’s hope there? Like would you ever move back to Germany? Or do you feel like you’re in the States for good?
Dr. Klinghardt: Technically, Germany has the same status as Puerto Rico and Hawaii. There’s no peace agreement between the US and Germany. And so, Germany
is not allowed to make its own decisions. So the US is forcing its vaccine program on Germany. It’s forcing the same technological issues on Germany that are
done here. So there will not be a difference. It’s not safe there.
Switzerland, very different. Switzerland is still a free country. And it has taken much more protective steps.
Evan: So I’ve done the steps as far as—I’ve watched so many of your lectures. I feel like I already know you. Everything that you put out,
I try to watch you. Turning off the breaker. Putting in some of the Stetzer filters, making sure that there is no increased magnetic field after putting in Stetzer filters. Going all incandescent lighting, no LEDs. No Wi-Fi. Air tube headsets, which who knows if the rubber tube headsets makes a difference or not? Grounding myself as much as I can. Moving to the middle of nowhere, surrounded by forests. Is that enough? Or for me to raise my daughter who’s less than two years old now healthfully, will require more extreme measures?
Dr. Klinghardt: No, I think it’s enough. I think reasonable is enough. You don’t have to be
a perfectionist. But reasonable
is enough. It’s the cumulative exposure, the cumulative effect of all the electromagnetic sources. Even the household currents, the TV, the radio tower, the cell phone
tower, the TV towers, it’s all that together. And so, the more you can reduce your exposure, the more protected you will be.
And then, of course, there is the internal protection. We know that when people are heavy metal
toxic, they are a walking antenna and draw the Wi-Fi into their body. Certain genetic or epigenetic problems that we realize will make people more vulnerable, this largely has to do with the methylation of the DNA. So there are some things you can do internally also to protect yourself.
But the thing that I’m most concerned about is that the— maybe I give it to you in pieces.
So in the 1980s, we thought everybody had Candida. And that was the solution to everything.
And then in the ‘90s, we realized, under Candida, were the herpes viruses and the whole hosts of other viruses. And then came Lyme disease. And we realized “Oh my god, yeah, everybody has Lyme disease,” once we knew how to diagnose it.
But in the last two years, we’re realizing that that’s still not the depth of the bucket. What’s at the bottom of the bucket is a group
of viruses. They’re called human endogenous retroviruses. These are viruses that are embedded in our DNA. We come in with them. But they’re silenced. They’re silenced largely through two mechanisms. One is called methylation. And the other one is called acetylation.
And those mechanisms are destroyed by the exposure to Wi-Fi or the cumulative exposure to the electromagnetic fields. And so, what happens is that these viruses are now replicating in us. And the most well-known retrovirus is HIV.
And so we referred to the illness that comes out of this as HIV minor

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