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 of this—and I try to explain it
in layman’s terms—it’s much more easy for a layperson to understand it. I mean this is not woo woo stuff. This is highly researched, and the problem is that you’re not hearing about all the independent studies because the cell phone industry is not investing in any of the independent studies. So that’s why you don’t hear about it.
And those independent, very courageous scientists, as I mentioned before, that are well- published like Henry Light, the University of Washington, or even Dr. Martin Blank, you can look them up online and see all of the information that they have where they prove the biological effects
of some of these frequencies and how deleterious it is to the system. And these people have run across a lot problems from the cell phone industries themselves so they’re very brave and we need to support them.
And it’s just one more thing to take a look at. And you just want to make sure that you’re doing everything right in terms of your children, your unborn child, and even in your home. And that’s where healthy food comes into play. You’re not going to want to have a lot of junk food. You want the right kind of fats that will fortify the cell membrane so that the body can be fortified against these things. And that’s where the right kind of oils come into play, saturated fats, your coconut oil, your high omega three fats from your fish oil and your flax oil. All that’s important because the right kind of fat can also hold calcium in suspension. And you want that so that you’re not affected with the calcium leaking that goes on in the cell membrane when it starts to rupture.
Carla: Right. And so this whole
premise of the summit itself is that there’s not only one element of health that we need to be concerned with with our children and our teens.
There are a lot of things. But they all work together, right? They all have a part in that. Yeah.
Ann Louise: Well, they do all have a part. But this is the big elephant that’s dancing in the middle of the room. This is what nobody wants to talk about that everybody wants to ignore. When you’re seeing rates of autism soar. And everybody thinks it’s the vaccines. “No, it’s the molds.” “No, it’s the allergies.” Well, what really people are exposed to twenty-four seven is technology and you have to be convinced that there’s a biological deleterious effect and there’s nothing that we’re doing in terms of the government that’s really protecting you. It’s every woman, man, child, and unborn child on his own is really what’s going on here.
And that’s why I think it’s so important to fight wi-fi in schools and communities and even at home as best you can. It’s why you need to text rather than call and use the safe head set and
no phones in the bedroom and then you teach the kids to keep the phones away from their body while they’re turned on because all of those incoming calls and the texts, by the way, they cause this burst of radio frequency that can penetrate the body. You need to stash your phone probably in your purse or a backpack. You simply don’t want to have it on your body. That’s really what the element is.
Carla: Right. And also, too, I’d like to return to this idea of earthing because that’s something that seems to be a simple thing to be
able to do. And it’s protective. And it also is healing. I guess, when I was reading about earthing, you sort of think about when you’re on the beach, right? You go on the beach. And you kick off your shoes. And you’re by the water in the sand, and you feel amazing. There’s actually a physiological process that’s happening, a healing that’s happening. And I suppose we could be considered antennas, right?
Ann Louise: Well, we are antennas because there’s
so much water and so many minerals and those are conductive substances that are in our system. Yeah, very much so. And that’s why earthing can be so regenerative, specifically with the sand and then the beach and in the country. So you want to be able to do that if you can on a daily basis. But those of us that live in certain environments, we can’t do that.
And that’s why there’s now these devices that you can use. There are pads when you’re sitting
at your computer. There are mats that you can use. There
are wristbands that you can
use. There’s sheets that you can use that have conductive silver threads. You can just plug it into the wall in terms of the electric grounding aspect that’s in the house, the electric ground, so
to speak. Or you can ground it directly outside. There are all kinds of ways to do that. And the research is pretty incredible and pretty impeccable.
Clint Ober has invested quite a lot of time, energy, and money to get his double-blind placebo- controlled tests out there. And we now know that there is definitely science behind the mechanism of earthing. And
he suggests that the reason so much of this is needed is

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