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  We’ve measured microwave ovens. And they all leak because some of the doors don’t close
as successfully as they used to, especially with frequent use. So there’s always a leakage. And that can really be affecting the eyes or the ears.
Carla: Right. And also microwaves also ruin the food.
Ann Louise: Well, it effects
the enzymes of the food. So there’s another nutritional reason for that. And when
you talk about nutrition, that’s why it’s all important to make sure that there’s enough
vitamin C in the diet. A lot of magnesium, because of the way in which calcium is lost from
the cell membrane...So you
want to make sure that you’re supplementing with magnesium that allows the calcium to stay
in the right place. And you also want to make sure that you have enough selenium, potassium, sulphur, manganese, chromium.
And if you’re not sleeping well
at night, then taking a little melatonin, maybe one to three milligrams would be very, very helpful because, as I say, electro- pollution seriously reduces the body’s production of melatonin. And that’s exceedingly important in terms of protecting your system against cancer. I’m also a big believer certainly in vitamin D and making sure that you have enough other antioxidants in
the diet that will help to protect against the positive free radicals that you’re getting from all different sources in terms of the electromagnetics and the toxins in the environment and the chemicals. So this is just one more element in terms of your environment that needs to be protected against.
And when you have people
coming to the house to check for mold or check for radon, they should also do an EMF sweep
of your house and measure and see if there are any fields that
are coming from unexpected sources. And then you can use protective shielding devices or moving around your furniture so that you’re not as close to some of these emanating devices as possible. The refrigerator has a very large magnetic field because of the motor, for example. So you want to be very careful that you don’t have a couch on the other side of the wall where you place your refrigerator.
Carla: Yeah, because it passes through the wall. The wall is not a barrier for EMFs.
Ann Louise: Oh, it definitely passes through the wall. And I have a
chart in the book which is very interesting because it gives the kind of breakdown of the measurements of the fields and the magnetic field measurements that we find with some of our most common devices.
And you’d be very surprised that hair dryers, particularly larger hair dryers, provide a very large magnetic field as do electric shavers and coffee makers
and sometimes electric slow cookers and food processors and garbage disposals. But that refrigerator motor is one of
the highest. And you want to
be careful that whenever you have any of these appliances that are plugged in, you want to unplug them. They could still be emanating fields.
So you’re not just getting this from the wireless or radio frequency fields from some of your computers or your phones or your cordless phone, but
also from electricity itself and electrical appliances. I remember when you used to go into your
grandmother’s house. And she’d always be unplugging all of the devices. They had this internal knowing that this wasn’t a healthy thing to do. And we need to do the same. And if you’re asleep at night and you’ve got a lot of electrical appliances in your bedroom, you want to disconnect. You want to unplug at night to make sure that none of that is being activated and affecting you.
Carla: Right. And so what’s a safe distance from a refrigerator?
Ann Louise: Oh, I’d say about six to eight feet.
Carla: Right. Your child’s bedroom could be right beside the kitchen or right above the kitchen upstairs. So furniture placement, all that stuff needs to be taken into account, correct?
Ann Louise: Yes, we call it electronic feng shui. And I talk about it in the book where you can zap-proof your house. And you go into the bedroom, and you see what’s in the bedroom. You go into the kitchen. You go into the great room. You go into the bathroom. You go into your office or your den, your living room, family rooms, etc. And you can just have advanced zap proofing where you just start moving things around and you’re conscious of it.
Carla: So if people are listening and going, “I
don’t know where the
heck to start. I don’t know what to do. This is very overwhelming to me,” they can get all that information from your book. And it’s all laid out.
Ann Louise: It’s all laid out. And because I never had a real scientific understanding of all

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